Texture Stucco Ceiling Removal

What is texture stucco?

Stucco ceilings come in a variety of interesting textures, achieved by manipulating the stuccos ingredients in manufacturing, and dependant on the method of the stuccos application on to a surface. Texture stucco appears in various finishes:

  • cat face finish
  • dash finish
  • lace finish
  • sand or float finish
  • smooth finish
  • worm finish
  • Santa Barbara finish
  • scraped finish
  • and many more!

Why remove your texture stucco ceiling?

There are many disadvantages to having a texture stucco ceiling in your home:

  • texture stucco ceilings may contain harmful asbestos
  • texture stucco ceilings attract pests and allergens such as spiders and dust mites
  • texture stucco can make rooms look smaller, and your ceiling look lower
  • texture stucco ceilings absorb natural light, thus causing your room to appear darker than it actually is
  • texture stucco ceilings are not easy to keep clean, making them appear dirty
  • it is difficult to repair any water damage that a texture stucco ceiling may incur
  • texture stucco ceilings easily break and crack, causing small bits of stucco to fall to the floor

Texture stucco ceiling removal is not a physically simple task for homeowners who want to upgrade their home to undertake, but is one that Spotless Stucco Removal can do in a very efficient manner. We service all home shapes and sizes in the Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville regions, and we specialize in turning your texture stucco ceiling into a smooth and perfect finish. Call us today for fast and easy stucco-free ceiling!

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