Knock Down Stucco Ceiling Removal

What is knock down stucco?

Similar to popcorn stucco, knockdown stucco has a less intense texture than popcorn stucco, and is achieved by ‘knocking down’ the peaks formed by the stucco application, appearing as a series of small, randomly placed, irregularly shaped hills.

Why remove your knock down stucco ceiling?

There are many reasons you should consider removing your knock down stucco ceiling, including:

  • knock down stucco ceilings may contain harmful asbestos
  • knock down stucco ceilings attract pests and allergens such as spiders and dust mites
  • knock down stucco can make rooms look smaller, and your ceiling look lower
  • knock down stucco ceilings absorb natural light, thus causing your room to appear darker
  • knock down stucco ceilings are not easy to keep clean, making them appear dirty
  • it is difficult to repair any water damage that a knock down stucco ceiling may incur
  • knock down stucco ceilings break and crack easily

The experts at Spotless Stucco Removal specialize in removing knock down stucco ceilings with ease. Our skill, patience and experience help us create beautiful, smooth ceilings using state-of-the-art equipment, and the most contemporary techniques. For all of your knock down stucco ceiling removal needs, contact Spotless Stucco Removal today. The regions of Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville have never been smoother!

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