Swirl Stucco Ceiling Removal

What is swirl stucco?

Swirl is a finishing technique acquired by applying stucco to a flat surface using small or large sweeps of the application tool. This results in a ‘swirl-like’ appearance of the stucco.

Why remove your swirl stucco ceiling?

Like other stucco ceiling finishes, swirl stucco has many unfavourable traits:

  • hazardous asbestos is frequently present in swirl stucco
  • swirl stucco ceilings are a common place for spiders and dust mites to nest
  • rooms look smaller, and ceilings lower, with the use of swirl stucco ceilings
  • swirl stucco ceilings absorb natural light, causing your room to appear darker than it really is
  • difficult to clean, swirl stucco ceilings often look dirty
  • swirl stucco ceilings are not easy to repair if they become damaged from water or moisture
  • swirl stucco breaks down easily, causing bits of stucco to fall from the ceiling

When considering a swirl stucco ceiling removal company, Spotless Stucco Removal provides skilled craftsmanship and professional customer service to every job we undertake. If you’re unhappy about how your ceilings look, and would like your swirl stucco ceilings removed from your home in Hamilton, Oakville or Burlington, Ontario, then contact us to discover how we can assist you!

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