California Stucco Ceiling Removal

What is California stucco?

Used primarily as an exterior finish, California stucco is a cement-based, water resistant coating that has the ability to withstand severe climate conditions. It is used on the outer walls of houses and other structures, though it can also be used on interior surfaces.

Why remove your California stucco ceiling?

Like all types of stucco ceilings, California stucco has many negative characteristics:

  • rooms appear smaller, and ceilings lower, with the use of California stucco
  • spiders, dust-mites and other pests and allergens are attracted to the crevices in a California stucco ceiling
  • health-adverse asbestos may be present in a California stucco ceiling
  • water damage is difficult to repair in an affected California stucco ceiling
  • California stucco ceilings are difficult to clean and often appear dirty
  • Breaks and cracks occur frequently in California stucco ceilings
  • Rooms seem darker than they actually are, as California stucco absorbs natural light

At Spotless Stucco Removal, no job is left unfinished until our clients are completely satisfied. We specialize in turning your California stucco ceiling into a ceiling with a perfectly smooth finish. The Oakville, Hamilton and Burlington areas are among our areas of service for California stucco ceiling removal, so contact us to find out more!

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