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Whether you are searching for a residential stucco removal company, a residential drywall repair and installation company, or a residential and commercial painting company in or around Oakville, Hamilton or Burlington, Spotless Stucco Removal will bring quality craftsmanship, precision skills and an eye for artistry to your home or business project. The professionals at Spotless Stucco Removal provide the following residential and commercial remodelling services:

Stucco removal services

Tired of the stucco ceilings in your house? Spotless Stucco Removals team of experts are dedicated to providing the resources and services required to upgrade your ceilings, and modernize your home. Servicing the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville, Ontario residential market, we can remove your outdated stucco ceiling in a clean, quick and efficient manner.

In style for 30 years, stucco ceilings were once popular amongst home owners and buyers in Oakville, Hamilton and Burlington. In various styles and colours, almost every house in North America had a stucco ceiling. Stucco ceilings were inexpensive, and easy to install; they absorbed noise very well, and hid ceiling imperfections. Unfortunately, stucco ceilings have many adverse qualities:

  • many stucco ceilings contain asbestos fibers (hazardous to human health)
  • breeding ground for dust mites, spiders and other insects and allergens
  • stucco makes your ceiling look lower than it actually is, thus making your room appear smaller
  • stucco makes your room appear darker as the texture of the ceiling absorbs all natural light
  • stucco ceilings are difficult to clean due to all the crevices, making the ceiling look dirty
  • difficult to repair water damage on a stucco ceiling
  • stucco could break, crack and fall off the ceiling

Flash forward to today, and many home owners in Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville are renovating their homes to get the smooth, modern look they desire. Smooth ceilings are so popular that they’re now listed as a valuable feature for new real estate listings on the MLS market. In addition to stucco removal being a fashionable interior design trend, there are many other benefits to removing the old stucco from your ceilings:

  • removes any potentially harmful asbestos
  • eliminates dust, spider webs, and other allergens and insects
  • gives the illusion of your room looking larger and higher than it actually is
  • brightens the room as the natural lighting is no longer absorbed by the stucco
  • easier to keep clean
  • easier to deal with any water damage
  • no cracking, messy ceilings
  • easier to paint
  • increases the resale value of your home
  • gives a modern, aesthetically pleasing look to any room

Stucco ceiling removal can be very messy, but it's a worthwhile investment for your home! We determine if there’s asbestos in your stucco ceiling, take the proper measures needed to safely remove it, and take the mess out of the whole process ensuring that your home remains spotless, just like us! We offer stucco removal services in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas, for the following styles of stucco ceilings:

  • popcorn
  • texture
  • California
  • knock down
  • swirl

Once the stucco is removed, your smooth, new ceiling will be ready for a sparkling new texture or paint job. An easy, fast and affordable way to dramatically improve the appearance of your Oakville, Hamilton or Burlington homes ceilings, say goodbye to old stucco, and say hello to a fresh, updated look!

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Drywall is one of the most widely used building materials today; wherever you turn in your Burlington, Hamilton or Oakville area home, you’ll be sure to find it. Drywall forms the surface of your walls and ceilings, creates arches, eaves and other decorative features, and hides away unsightly steel beams and other building materials. Even though drywall is relatively thin, it’s very resilient. That being said, even the toughest materials reach their limits. Tears, cracks and holes in drywall are common issues, and even tiny nicks in drywall can spoil the overall look of your home.

Drywall is fairly easy to repair, but if you’re inexperienced or unsure of what to do, it can be difficult to match the look of the repaired drywall with the existing drywall; this is especially true if your walls or ceilings are textured, or painted with a custom mixed colour. If you want to successfully repair damaged drywall in any room of your home in Hamilton, Oakville or Burlington, entrust the job to the professionals at Spotless Stucco Removal. We can efficiently patch holes, cracks, nicks and tears in drywall, and even replace old drywall by installing new.

Our goal is to enhance the visual appeal and comfort of your home in or around Burlington, Hamilton or Oakville, Ontario, and will always go the extra mile to ensure that your home looks its very best. For more information on Spotless Stucco Removals residential drywall repair or installation services, please contact us!

Painting services

Thinking of applying a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home, or to any of the rooms in your house? Want to upgrade the look of your business by painting your commercial building inside or out? Spotless Stucco Removal also provides professional interior and exterior residential and commercial painting services. A new paint job is the most cost effective remodeling project that can be done to a house or commercial structure. Imagine that, at a nominal cost, you can change the colour, and the overall look, of your home or business! Our experienced painters are exceptionally talented craftsmen renowned for their workmanship and artistry in residential and commercial painting throughout Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton, Ontario. They will regard your home or business as if it’s their own, taking care to keep it clean and safe, and going to great lengths to show you and your home or business the utmost care and respect.

The painters at Spotless Stucco Removal always provide a level of residential or commercial painting excellence that exceeds your expectations. We offer an in-home or in-business experience that minimizes inconvenience for your and your family or staff, and maximizes your overall satisfaction. Our attention to detail in our work, and in your experience throughout the interior or exterior painting process, is why our clients continue to highly recommend us to others, and return to us for all of their home or business painting requirements in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario!

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Stucco Removal Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton

Whether you are searching for a residential stucco removal company, a residential drywall repair and installation company, or a residential and commercial painting company in or around Oakville, Hamilton or Burlington, Spotless Stucco Removal will bring quality craftsmanship, precision skills and an eye for artistry to your home or business project.

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